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Our mission is to develop innovative IT web solutions that help our clients address industry challenges and transform their business models to satisfy their respective commercial and public service marketplaces.

Dedicated development directly affects sales, service cost, productive use, and almost every other aspect of doing business. MM Studio's team is your dedicated partner in development that maximize end-user satisfaction and increase profitability.

Web application MM Studio, Belgrade, Serbia

Custom Web Applications company based in Belgrade, Serbia

Custom Web Applications

So, you think you and your needs are special? You are not satisfied with what you can easily find on the market, but you need it for the sake of your success? You need smarter, more intelligent and more productive application? It seems like you need one that is custom made just for suiting you and your business, no matter how complicated your specifications are.

Planning and creating made-to-order applications is hard but fun, and we can surely make one that will make your business

processes faster, more efficient and overall, it will be original.

If you can think about it, we can make it. Through analyzing your business and requirements we can help you create web application that is concurrent, class-based, oriented, scalable and modular or a more general, but the most supported one.

For more details on custom made apps, feel free to contact us, we have questions, too.

Android Applications & Phonegap development

Mobile Apps

With supporting your business on mobile phones you are directly targeting the widest information market. Potential in developing android applications is colossal and that is the main reason we enjoy doing it.

MM Studio offers Phonegap development of HTML5 mobile application which can support all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Firefox OS).

You cannot expect to be reputable for your professionalism if your business does not include a smart phone/android application. We can provide ideas and solutions using all sorts of comprehensive sets of development tools (Phonegap, Phone.JS, jQuery mobile).

Whether you need it for your commercial or personal usage, there are no limits and no rules.

Not sure about the Windows, iOS, Blackberry or Android app you want to build? Allow us to offer you our premier Mobile consulting services. Please be free to contact us. Get your free quote today

Android development | MM Studio, Belgrade, Serbia

RESTful Web services company from Belgrade, Serbia

RESTful Web services

MM Studio is highly credible and competent in developing Web services as a best way of sending and receiving information between different programs and platforms. If you need to develop Web site, Custom management system, Android, iOS or other platform applications to use the same information, then RESTful web service is the best solution for you. REST is used to give maximum focus on components, interaction and interpretation of important data elements.

We build RESTful Web services using Laravel PHP Framework or other regarding your specific requests.

RESTful Web services

Database design and development company from Belgrade, Serbia

Design and Development Database

Our approach to designing and developing databases ensures that your applications will provide high levels of data integrity and security while our open approach facilitates efficient and reliable integration with any existing enterprise applications.

Designing and developing a detailed model of a database is crucial for your website. It has to be efficient and secure, developed with full understanding of your need for information storage.

We can provide in a timely manner a database design that is sure to avoid redundant, unnecessarily duplicated data, avoiding generating inconsistent, inaccurate data because it could result in bad decisions and a complete failure of your organization.

We do not want that to happen, so we include all the benefits of a detailed blueprint, just so you can be sure that your data is safe and sound.

Database design and development | MM Studio, Belgrade, Serbia

Technology for Custom Web and mobile applications, Belgrade, Serbia


  • Object Oriented PHP5
  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Java
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery Framework
  • Angular js
  • Backbone.JS
  • RESTful services
  • Git source control
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